Sunday, August 5, 2012

Eyebrow Tutorial

Today I'll be showing you how I achieve this brow look.
(don't mind my bare lids, I always do my brows before I apply any eye shadow.)

I like to keep my final brow result as natural as I can. I don't like the over-filled look and I don't like the super-thin look. It's proven that having a thicker brow makes you appear younger and more youthful (just figure out how thick is too thick for your face shape.) If you want to know how I fill my brows in, keep on reading!

Here are my brows without any sort of fill. They're very light and thin. The hair on my head is dark so my brows seem to disappear on my face if I leave them alone. When I was younger I never filled my brows in - but now that I'm older and know more about it, I've learned that they frame your face and make your facial features pop. Filling your brows in will give you a much more "complete" look when you are doing your makeup.

What you'll need:

1: Here I'm using E.L.F. eyebrow kit in the shade "medium". It comes with wax (left side), powder (right side) and a duel ended brush. If you don't have an eyebrow kit or a powder made specifically for eyebrows, just find a matte powder that is about 3 shades lighter than your hair. If I used a powder that was the exact color of the hair on my head, I'd look like I had caterpillars crawling on my face.

Here is the dual ended brush that comes with the kit. I only use the angled brush side. This brush is surprisingly good quality so I use this every time I do my brows.

2: An eyebrow brush. This isn't completely necessary but I like to use it to make sure that my brows aren't being too unruly.

3: Concealer and a concealer brush. These are also unnecessary. It's a personal choice whether you would like to use them or not. (I'll explain more in the tutorial.)

4: Eyebrow gel! I don't know what I was doing before I discovered this! I would do my eyebrows perfectly and all it would take would be me putting a shirt over my head to mess them all up. You brush this bad boy through your brows and it keeps them together for the whole day.

Step 1: Take your angled brush and swipe some of your powder. Start outlining the bottom of your brow. Be sure to only use a little powder at a time. You want this to be a faint line. Be very careful at the start of your brow. This is where most brows are their thinnest, so you don't want to have a lot of shadow there.

Step 2: Following the same process, outline the top of your brow. Again, be careful around the start of your brow, you don't want a lot of shadow here.

Step 3: You'll have to figure out whether you like more of a rounded tip or a boxed in tip. I prefer a boxed in tip on my brows. I begin by applying a straight line where I'd like it to start.

Step 4: Start filling in between all of the lines you've created. If you've put too much shadow on your brows, take your brow brush and brush your brows until it's your desired shade. The brush will pick up any excess shadow. On a normal day, this is where I'd usually stop and add my brow gel, but if I'm going out and really want some extra definition on my brows, I will continue on to step 5.

Step 5: This is where your concealer and concealer brush come in handy. Apply a small amount of concealer on your brush and very carefully draw a straight line underneath and above your brow. This will straighten up any powder that may have gotten out of line.

Step 6: Blend your concealer downward so there isn't a harsh concealer line. Once your brows are exactly how you want them, add your brow gel. Wait for your gel to dry and you're finished!

Here is my brow before and after. Still natural but much more defined!

Let me know if you guys would like more tutorials like this! If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to leave them below and I'll answer the best I can!

Thanks for reading!


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