Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Neon Saran Wrap Tutorial

Yesterday, my grandmother and I did some shopping. We stopped into Sally's and I spotted China Glaze- Celtic Sun. WOW. Talk about a bright-highlighter neon, I had to get it! I have absolutely nothing like it in my collection. This is a color that most people wouldn't want to get (including my grandmother) but not only was the color popping out at me, but the China Glaze was on sale for $4.99!! Any polish addict would have swooped it up in a heart beat! :)

This is the look that I decided on doing with Celtic sun. Let me warn you now to put on your sun glasses! 8)

I achieved this look by using 2 colors and saran wrap. I decided to use neon, but this saran wrap trick can be used with any colors that your heart desires. If you're interested in how I did this mani, keep on reading!

What you'll need:

Grab 2 colors of your choice. Here I have China Glaze- Purple Panic and China Glaze- Celtic Sun

You'll also need some saran wrap.

Step 1: Decide on which color you'd like to use as your base and paint that on every nail. I decided to use Celtic Sun as a base. (Tip: if you decide to use celtic sun as well, try painting on a coat of white underneath it. The formula is streaky and a white base would help.) Wait for your nails to dry completely.

Step 2: Rip off a piece of saran wrap and crumple it into a ball.

Step 3: Paint your second color onto the saran wrap. This is Purple Panic.

Step 4: Dab your saran wrap ball onto a piece of paper. This will let you know if you're happy with the design that is coming off of it, and it will also remove any excess polish-blobs that may be on the saran wrap.

Step 5: Dab your saran wrap ball onto your nail in a bouncing motion. You can do this as little or as much as you like. If you prefer more of the base coat to show, dab only a few times. If you prefer more of the pink to show, dab many times. The look is all personal preference.

Step 6: Clean up around the edges with a cotton swab. Add a top coat to protect your design and you're finished!

This is a fun and easy look that anyone can do! Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! As always, if you have any comments/questions, feel free to let me know below!

Happy polishing!


  1. I love your tutorials. Simple and pretty!

  2. Can I ask if you use any kind of nail hardener

    1. at the moment, no. I used to use a strengthener by Sally Hansen but I don't think it worked very well! I didn't ever see a difference.

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    1. Glad you love them!! :) and I don't have a YouTube account right now, just Instagram and my blog. Maybe someday down the road I'll decide to start a YouTube channel!

  4. I found your design on Pinterest and will be using this weekend for my 4th of July nails.